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Breaking walls, building bridges

Tikebit™ borns in Spain in 2016 on hands on Bit2Me™ (Spanish platform leading in Spain for buying/selling bitcoins) team. Bit2Me works every day to bring Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to people. After a long period of time, we have created Tikebit™ aiming to bring cryptocurrencies near to millions of new users all around the world.

Our team is composed by 8 dreamers and professionals: Thinkers, designers, engineers and legal.

We're tikebit

Leif Ferreira


Andrei Manuel


César Ruzafa


Javier Pastor

Sales Director

Fernando Ramos


Fran Bello


Salvia Santos

Graphic Designer

Guillermo Siles

Frontend Developer

Iván García

Backend Developer

Carlos Luque


None of us is better by himself than all of us together

Where do we come from

The last year was amazing for our team: We were Awarded as “Best Spanish Startup 2015” by CaixaBank, awarded by Deloitte and Expansión as “Best Business model” for Hive, worldwide winners of “Fintech Americas by VISA”, blockchain advisors in the European Commission, selected by United Kingdom government for a special FinTech Mission, coworked with Abanca and Grant Thornton for blockchain solutions, accelerated by Blockchain Space... and other cool stuff.

What keeps us moving

In Tikebit™, we strongly believe in a future with hundreds of services running above Blockchain technology and its wide variety of cryptocurrencies with the decentralization as a slogan: Cloud storing, prediction markets, finances, smart contracts, notaries... But there is yet a bigger problem: For many people in this planet is very complicated (if not impossible) to access to cryptocurrencies. Actually this is not even an option for them. That's why we came up with the idea for solving this situation.

Tikebit™ is the bridge between resellers, cryptocurrencies selling platforms and users to access to any cryptocurrency with cash. We're excited to become part of the incredible task to take cryptocurrencies to millions of people.

The long term goal of Tikebit™ is to be the bridge in the streets to criptocurrencies for millions of unbanked and other type of users.

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Mission, vision, values

Building bridges

Cryptocurrencies' future is thrilling. It's a revolution in many aspects: Technological, social, and political. A revolution that is actually forgetting about half the world's population. This revolution will be unstoppable as soon as everyone has the possibility to become part of it. This revolution can't just forget of a big part of the world's population as it has been happening until now.


Bring cryptocurrencies close to thousands of areas in the world.


A world where anyone can access to any cryptocurrency.


Work ethic, effort, energy, attitude, passion, positivity, collaboration.

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Do you share our mission, vision and values? Are you ready to compromise with our mission at a 110%? We want you to join us, please contact us! It doesn't matter which part in the world are you from. We promote a multidisciplinar, multicultural and global team that is willing to create things with a huge and positive impact in the society.

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