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Style guide

We're happy if you want to use our logo and resources. If this is your first time and you're interested in using Tikebit™ or Tikebit™ API in third-party projects, we welcome you to read our Corporate Identity Manual.

If you are willing to write about Tikebit, you can contact us or download the brand assets of this page.



Brand's main color.





Colors used for texts, background and logo variants.


Open Sans

Used in headers and titles.



Used in content and secondary titles in uppercase


Logo: different versions

Use always our official logo for representing Tikebit™. If you are using it, make sure you're leaving the proper amount of space to our logo. The minimum size of the logo must be 16px of height, and the empty space (safety margin) surrounding it must be, at least, twice as the width of the dot over the "i" character in the logo. You can read more about this in our Corporate Identity Manual.

You must not rotate or flip our logo, neither change its color, add special effects or use it next to any brand that can be confused with Tikebit™.

Please, do not use our brand as if we were sponsoring you, or as if you were granted with Tikebit™ approval or support.

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Corporative backgrounds

Tikebit™ images

Tikebit™ brand represents the fundamental values of our brand, from significative connections with cryptocurrencies to amplified expressions. We let you some images ready to use. Download, send, share... if you like Tikebit™ share it! You're free to create your own images following our recommendations in the corporate identity manual.

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Full corporate identity manual

For getting more information about how to use the name or brand of Tikebit™ or to solve any doubt, contact us.

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