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What is Tikebit™?

Tikebit™ is a voucher available in retail stores around Spain that allows you to get different Blockchain products such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Voxelus or Augur. Tikebit™ is easy, fast, secure, private, accessible and convenient. It doesn’t require any personal data nor banks. See how it works in detail.

Where can I buy Tikebit™ vouchers?

We have a wide network with thousands of retail stores distributed across the globe. Whenever you want, you can check this map that deploys different filters to find the location and details of the nearest shop.

How do I recharge my tikebit™

Go to the nearest retail store and purchase a tikebit for the desired value. Our map will indicate you which are the nearest outlets based on your current position.

Which values can I buy?

We currently offer vouchers with values of €25, €50 and €100.

I went to a retail store but I wasn't able to buy Tikebit™. What should I do?

It’s important for us to maintain the quality of the retail stores network by updating it periodically. If Tikebit™ is not available in the store you found in this map, please contact us to allow us fix the problem.

Does Tikebit™ provide wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency?

No, Tikebit™ is a voucher that you can redeem for cryptocurrencies. You can get the wallet of each cryptocurrency on their respective official website.

Retail stores schedule

You have access to thousands of retail stores and, although we do not decide on the opening hours, some of them can have special timetables or 24/7 service. You can expect them to be open during business hours. Contact your nearest retail store for more information.

Should I keep my tikebit in a safe place?

Yes, keep your PIN code safe and never show it to anyone. If you lose your tikebit or someone else uses it, you won’t be able to recover your balance.

Must I be of legal age to buy a tikebit?

No, anyone can buy a tikebit.

Do I have to identify myself to buy a tikebit?

No, you are not required to provide an identity evidence to buy a tikebit.


Where can I redeem my tikebit?

Tikebit™ can only be exchanged for Blockchain-based products. It is not a means of payment but a voucher. You have an online platforms list that allows you to redeem your tikebit for different products based on Blockchain. We work daily to expand our platforms network.

Where should I not redeem my tikebit?

For your safety, we recommend you not to use your PIN code on any platform that does not appear in our online platforms list since it might be a malicious page.

How do I exchange my tikebit?

Each tikebit has a 16-digit PIN code. Access to the desired platform and find the instructions to redeem your tikebit during the redemption or purchase process.

What fees does Tikebit™ charge?

You’re not paying any fee for buying your tikebit. The exchange platform of your choice may apply a fee for redeeming your tikebit. The platform will inform you previously of such a commission.

Can I spend a tikebit partially?

Yes. It is possible to do multiple exchanges. You can redeem your tikebit totally or just a part of it in one or more platforms.

Does my tikebit have an expiration date?

Yes. You can use it for 12 months after the purchasing date. After that time, your tikebit will expire.

My tikebit has expired. What should I do?

When a tikebit expires, our system won’t recognize its PIN code as valid anymore. So you won’t be able to redeem it nor request a refund.

My PIN code does not work. What do I do?

This could happen for several reasons, either technical or human. Consult the details of your tikebit and confirm that:

  • It is still valid. Check your balance here.
  • You have enough balance to make the transaction.
  • You have typed correctly your 16-digit tikebit PIN code

If your problem persists after checking the foregoing, please contact us. Our support team will help you to solve the incident.

I have redeemed my tikebit. When will I receive the cryptocurrencies?

Usually, redeeming your tikebit will take effect immediately. But it can happen that the platform you’re using is experiencing some performance issues. Regardless of that fact, there is something you can do: check that your destination wallet is syncronized and that you’ve set properly your wallet address. If this doesn’t solve the problem, please proceed to contact the exchange platform you were operating with.

How do I recognize my tikebit PIN code?

Your PIN code is printed on your tikebit according to the following pattern: "1234 1234 1234 1234". Never share your PIN code with anyone.

I have bought a tikebit, should I redeem it immediately or save it?

Being aware that your tikebit expires 12 months after the purchase, you can decide when you want to redeem it according to your needs. You don't need to redeem it immediately.

Is it possible to know how much balance is left in my tikebit?

Yes. We have a section on our website where you can check instantly and for free all your tikebit details by entering the PIN code. Check your balance here. Do not trust other services that offer you to know your tikebit’s balance. Use only our official page.

Must I be of legal age to redeem my tikebit?

You must check your favourite platform conditions. They might require you to provide a proof of identity before proceeding with the operation.

Do I have to provide a proof of identity to redeem my tikebit?

You must check your favourite platform conditions. They might require you to provide a proof of identity before proceeding with the operation.


Can I opt for a full refund for my tikebit?

Yes. If your tikebit has never been used and has not expired, you can opt for a refund.

In order to do so, you have to fill this form. Refund process is not immediate. It can take up to 15 days for our team to process the provided information and place the bank wire order.

Which are the refund fees?

All tikebit refunds are charged with €7 for management and bank wire fees. This amount of money will be charged once per each tikebit you want to refund. The fee amount will be deducted from the refunding import. The rest of the amount will be transferred to the bank account provided.


What am I doing here?

You are probably looking for a simple, fast, convenient, secure way to access to different Blockchain products. We know the Blockchain is incredible and Tikebit™ makes it easy for you to access to its endless possibilities.

I want to collaborate with Tikebit™. How do I do it?

We are very excited about the potential of Tikebit™ and Blockchain together and we want to take them to every corner of the planet. If you think you can collaborate with us, we will be happy to hear about you. If you're the developer / creator or an exchange platform of some cryptocurrency based on blockchain, get in touch with us. Tikebit™ is the perfect solution to reach thousands of street points of sale on earth.

Where can I find more information about cryptocurrencies?

All of our supported cryptocurrencies have official websites or open communication channels where you can learn about the functionality and potential they have. On our website you will find links to some of them.

My question is not here, what can I do?

Our support team will be happy to solve any doubts you may have. Contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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