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One voucher for any cryptocurrency

Get cryptocurrencies around the corner. Tikebit™ is a simple and a fast way to access to the cryptocurrencies. You don't need banks or credit cards, you can use cash. It's a voucher that you can buy in your local retail store and later you can redeem it by cryptocurrencies like bitcoins or ethers in the most famous exchanges.

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Tikebit™ Advantages
Buy Blockchain assets with cash


A voucher for Blockchain. Access the whole Blockchain potential with your 16-digits.

Tikebit™ is secure


No banks or credit cards required anymore. Take control of your expenses and minimize risks.

Tikebit™ is private


Protect your privacy. Buy your tikebit with cash and use it as you like!

Tikebit™ is fast


Use your tikebit right after the purchase to get your desired cryptocurrency in the platform of your choice.

Tikebit™ distribution network


Available at thousands of selling points. Tikebit™ is (or will be) available at your local store.

Tikebit™ makes your finances free


Use Tikebit™ yourself or give it away. Anywhere, anytime. Freedom of use. Freedom of choice.

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